Broadsheet Feature: It's the first time we've gone digital.

In tough times, there's always a silver lining. 


A couple of weeks ago we had the pleasure of being interviewed by journalist Pilar Mitchell who writes for Broadsheet. We had a great chat about how our Google spreadsheet spread amongst the Asian community when COVID first hit and how it allowed us to sustain our 38 year old business during the pandemic. 6 weeks later we launched this website so we could reach more customers and be able to offer more of Sydney a taste of Chinatown delivered to homes. 

When we first started out we were only offering deliveries to friends and family but even from the first week we had so many random people ordering. It was a whole family affair; Danny, Vincent, Jess and all their partners were involved with collating, printing, organising, picking, packing and delivering orders. 

Here's the full story: 

broadsheet article 

We are super excited that through digital platforms we are now able to bring to you our wholesale produce to your doorstep. We proudly supply Golden Century, XO Pipi, Marigold, Palace Chinese Restaurant and many more and we want you to enjoy the same fresh produce they get. 

“We don’t want to just be a delivery service. We want to bring a taste of Chinatown to customers. If they want to have a chat about how to use an ingredient, they can call or Whatsapp us. We want to offer that personal touch.”  - This is 1000% true and what we will always deliver to you! 

Hope you've enjoyed the read! x

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