DIY Cook Kit - Peking Duck Pancake Set (2 Courses)

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You can now have Peking duck pancakes at home! If you're inviting friends over they'll love you for it. It's such an easy way to have a really tasty,  enjoyable and fun dish. What's even better is that you can get two meals from it.

We highly recommending keeping the duck carcass to make a warm hearty soup - plus you don't waste it. The carcass is actually the tastiest part of the duck as it has absorbed all the flavours and spices during the roasting process. Throw in noodles of your choice into the duck soup and you've got another great meal!

First course: Peking duck pancakes 

Second course: Duck soup (have it with noodles of your choosing)  

This DIY Cook Kit includes: 

  • Roast duck 
  • Peking duck pastry wrappers
  • Cucumbers
  • Green onion 
  • Hoi-sin sauce
  • Bonus: Star Anise + Ginger (for the duck soup)
  • Printed recipe for how to prepare the pancakes and duck soup

Note: Buy your choice of noodles for second course separately! We recommend eating with thin fresh rice noodles or fresh egg noodles

Be extra authentic and steam your duck pastry wrappers in a bamboo steamer. Swear they'll taste better. Add one to your cart here

This set comes in two serving sizes.

Serves 2-3: 10 pancakes, half duck

Serves 4-5: 20 pancakes, whole duck

A heads up: the roast duck comes uncut and whole to retain the moisture and juiciness. If you would like it chopped up, just leave a note in the cart. 

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